Web Applications

LearnWeaver has developed a number of web applications such as:

BackChannel Chat - Realtime discussions for your classroom

Backchannel Chat

Backchannel Chat is a real time educational discussion tool. It's a simple tool that has a great range of moderation features.


Student Stock Trader - Stock Market Simulator for the Classroom

Student Stock Trader

Student Stock Trader is a stock market simulator that allows students to build and manage their own stock market portfolios while safely competing against other class members for the highest performing portfolio!


Place My Past - Every place has a story. Find out if it's part of yours.

Place My Past

Place My Past combines mapping, social history and social networking to provide a new way for family historians to tap into a wealth of personal and contextual information about their ancestors.

Fold That Story

Fold That Story

Fold That Story is a game where students write a story one paragraph at a time. The catch is that authors can only see the last paragraph of the story so far.