Teacher Word Games


Teacher Word Games is the perfect classroom tool for playing bingo and word searches.

Printable and online playable Bingo Cards:

  • Create your word list or use ours.
  • Select the number of cards you need.
  • Download or have the PDF emailed to you, ready for printing.

Don't want to print it? Your word list can be played with the Student Word Game app. Give your students your bingo card code and use the call sheet to play bingo without paper!

Printable and online playable Word Searches

  • Create your word list or use ours
  • Select your formatting options such as allowing diagonal and backwards words.
  • Download or have the PDF email to you, complete with an answer sheet.
  • Play online - Give your students a unqiue code and have them try and beat the best time.

Teacher Word Games brings both tradional paper based games and digital word games together.

Every student loves playing bingo in the classroom, its a great way to reinforce key concepts. Teacher Word Games lets you create the words that are relevant to your lessons. The app can either generate a PDF document which can be printed and played in class or the games can be played purely on the students iPads or iPhones.