Backchannel Chat

Backchannel Chat is designed for educational discussions, it provides all the tools an educator could need to facilitate online discussions.

Moderation Tools

Powerful moderation tools that let you delete any message, or if you choose to moderate every message before a participant can view it.

Realtime Discussion

The discussion with Backchannel Chat is instant and realtime, no waiting for the page to refresh. Its quick fast and works on all devices.

Profanity Filter

For extra safety we've added a profanity filter that will catch the really nasty words. It won't catch every variation, but it will give you some protection.

Pinned Messages

Pin the important message to the top of the discussion, this could be some instructions or a message, it helps set the context of the discussion.

Avatar Pictures

Select a cool picture that best represents you. If your using our tool inside another app, we'll bring your profile information across.

Message Amplification

A live vote count on each message gives the moderator a view of the important messages in the discussion.

Room Lock

Lock the room so that only the moderator can write messages, this can really help to set the pace of the online discussion.

Private Messages

Send private messages to participants, no one else in the chat will see the message. This is a great tool for prompting users to participate more.


Backchannel Chat provides full transcripts for all discussions, you can even view the unfiltered comments.

Student Stats

Quickly view the number of messages that each student contributed. This is really helpful to assess students participation.

Embed Media

Quickly and easily embed video's and images. Its as simple as pasting the link, we take care of the embedding.


Backchannel Chat has been integrated into other platforms such as Backchannel Chat for Edmodo